Access an Exceptional Talent Pool at Competitive Rates

The global tech talent war is heating up.

As companies in Europe, North America, and Asia face skill shortages and soaring hiring costs, Africa represents an immense opportunity.

With its vast young population, rapidly improving education systems, and deep multi-lingual capabilities,

Africa is cultivating exceptional tech talent at an astonishing rate. By 2030, the continent will have the world's largest working population.

Offshoring to Africa empowers companies to:

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You are not too late

Global technology companies see Africa as a massive untapped market with significant advancements in infrastructure, education, and fiscal policy that will allow the tech industry to thrive.

With several African countries among the top 15 fastest-growing economies, there are numerous opportunities for smaller technology companies to also leverage the value offered through outsourcing and accelerate their own growth.
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Offshore locations across Morocco, Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa offer

 Africa’s competitive rates make the continent an ideal destination for supplying cost-effective human capital to companies that need it.
  • Highly-skilled English and French speakers
  • Similar time zones as Europe and able to work North American timezone
  • Barclays offshores fintech operations to Johannesburg and Lagos .

Leading Companies Offshoring to Africa

Offshoring to Africa holds many advantages for your global business operations, top of which include a youthful population and a cost-effective human capital, amongst other benefits.
  • Microsoft operates development centers in Nigeria, Egypt, and South Africa
  • IBM has offshore teams across Morocco, Ghana, and Kenya
  • Barclays offshores fintech operations to Johannesburg and Lagos
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