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Let's be honest, hiring today is an expensive, inefficient mess for most companies. Between bloated staffing firms, skills shortages, and skyrocketing wages, it's harder than ever to build an exceptional in-house team without breaking the bank.

 At Tamborin, we offer a radically better approach: give you seamless access to Africa's rapidly growing talent pool of phenomenal engineers, developers, operations professionals, and more at sensible rates you'd never find in Silicon Valley or Europe.

 Why Africa? The numbers speak for themselves: Over 60% of Africans are under 25, the youngest population in the world. Thanks to improving education systems, developer training companies, edtechs, and a culture that truly values intellectual pursuits, the continent is churning out more top tech talent each year.

But it hasn't been easy for companies outside Africa to tap this enormous resource and most rely on sketchy outsourced firms. With Tamborin, you get full visibility into hand-picked candidates who are meticulously vetted not just for technical chops, but attitude, ownership mindset, and culture fit for your specific needs.

 We obsess over matching you with truly exceptional hires you'll be proud to call part of your core product or engineering team - not some random, replaceable contractors.Individuals you'll be excited to work with daily who can become force multipliers for your company.

 And the cost savings are hard to ignore compared to local staffing. Our billing rates for skilled offshore talent in Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt or any other location on the continent undercut US/EU wages by 50-70% on average.

Let that sink in.

 So if you're sick of the hiring hamster wheel and ready to embrace the future of elite global talent, give Tamborin a shot.

We'll handle all the upfront vetting, compliance, and set-up so you can focus on building amazing products affordably with remarkable African team members.

 Your move.

 Founder, Tamborin
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